Heaven's Gate Metal Works - Gateway to the Rim Metal Art with a Southwestern Flair

Welcome to Heaven's Gate Metal Works!
heavensgateOur passion is to provide affordable, custom, quality metal work for people to enjoy.
We use CNC metal art cutting technology that gives us the ability to keep the pricing of metal art affordable while at the same time meeting customers' needs and desires for a beautiful custom design.

Using a computer as our artistic canvas, we create amazing works of art for you,our valued customers to use for  the inside and outside of your home.
We put a lot of hard work into our pieces specifically for the enjoyment of our customers. Because of this, the art is always at its highest quality but for a good price!
If you can't find something you are looking for you might also want to check out our Ebay store:
decorative metal fireplace screen, deer jumping over the woodrailing insert, deer jumping over fence in the moonlight 
crosscut saw with wildlife scene
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